What are these? Hint: Think fleece processing

Here are the pieces for a recent project.

What are they? Pieces for my new fleece drying screen rack!

Remember in my last post all those fleeces I acquired on Shearing Day? Well, they all need to be washed (along with some others lurking in the garage). I had been using sweater screens and a couple expanding window screens on which to dry my washed fleeces. When I went to buy a couple more sweater screens, I couldn’t remember where I had gotten them and couldn’t find anything similar. So, a trip to my local hardware store produced what you see above. My local independent hardware store has some very helpful people. I go in there all the time with what I’m sure they must think are very off-the-wall problems.

They didn’t fail me this time. I had been thinking of using PVC pipes. They agreed and showed me some screw-in legs which would get the rack off the ground. They then suggested some screening that wouldn’t rust and also suggested using zip ties to attach the screen to the frame (a better and faster idea than mine of stapling or sewing it!)

Here’s the finished product:

When put next to my old screen, you can really see the increased drying area I have now. I bought enough pieces to build a second one – and it looks like I’m going to need it for all those fleeces.

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  1. Brilliant thinking!

  2. What a cool rack. Are you going to make these for everyone?

    • Sure! But I think you have way more fleeces than these will hold!

  3. What a great idea. What a great amount of space. Do they break down for storing?

    • Thanks! I can’t believe how much more drying space I’ve got. I guess there is some basic arithmetic here about square footage – increasing length of each side really increases the area! Unfortunately, once the screening is on the way I have it, you can’t take it apart. However, you can unscrew the legs and store it just flat. With the amount of fleeces I have to wash, I doubt that mine will be in storage very much!

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