Shearing Day – from a Wooly Adventures perspective

Last Saturday was Shearing Day at Meridian Jacobs. Robin invited me to have my sheep there for shearing. Of course, that meant getting everyone over there. The first step was to get halters on the sheep. At first, we thought we’d need to contain Paridot, the llama, so he didn’t interfere. It turned out, not surprisingly, that we couldn’t catch Paridot. It also turned out that he didn’t interfere anyway.

Luckily, I had friends willing to help move the sheep. Here, Robin and Kathy are getting halters on everyone.

Kathy tells Marley there is nothing to worry about

Having halters on made it possible to lead everyone out of the pasture.

Paridot, "Hey, where are you guys going?"

We took a moment to get last photos of sheep in full fleece.

My friend, Chris, with Marley, our Wensleydale

Friends Robin and Kathy with Winnie, Sid and Wilma

Robin brought her truck, which made it so much easier to transport the sheep than using my van would have! Robin tied everyone in.

Marley appears to contemplate making a break for it

Rusty, Robin's herding dog, wonders if we have them all?

Nope. We had a couple Karakul sheep to load yet. They belong to Kathy. They weren’t sure they wanted to get in the truck.

Maybe a little grain will help?

Whew! Everybody's in.

Uneventful drive to Meridian Jacobs. Now, to get them all out.

Karakuls out first

They really weren’t sure they wanted to go into a strange barn.

Robin's son, Chris, gives up trying to move them and simply picks one up!

Waiting in their stall, the Jacobs seem to be wondering why they are back on their original farm.

"This place smells familiar"

We moved the sheep over the day before shearing. This let us get an early start the next day and also was a way to ensure they didn’t eat, drink or get wet the night before getting sheared.

Shearing progressed very quickly the next day, due to Robin’s very organized set-up, some good helpers, and a very good shearer.

Here is Marley getting sheared…..

…and Sid getting sheared

…while Winnie and Wilma wait their turns.

Jacobs after being sheared look so small!

Sid, Wilma and Winnie feeling a lot lighter!

After all the sheep were sheared, we loaded up my sheep and headed back to their pasture area.  The Karakuls had a committee waiting to welcome them back.

"Hey, where have you guys been?!"

Marley was so happy to find food waiting for him upon his return.

A successful shearing for my sheep, thanks to lots of help from some good friends.

And, now, I have all these wonderful fleeces to keep me busy this winter!

For more photos of this wonderful day, please see Robin’s blog (see my blogroll to connect to her site).

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  1. Great post. It was good fun moving those sheep. It really makes me appreciate Jack all the more. I think Jack might be smarter than a sheep.

    • Well, Jack is probably smarter than sheep, or at least differently talented. The more time I spend with sheep, the smarter I think they are about some things, but not necessarily in agreement with what we want them to do!

  2. Good story and photos. I like your blog.

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