Give Me Shelter (with apologies to the Rolling Stones)

Changing the type of animals in your flock apparently sets in motion a lot of other changes. The big one right now is the need to provide a larger shelter – both taller (as llamas are taller than sheep – duh!) and larger as the flock now numbers five. I was also told by Julie, who sold me Paridot, that he definitely does NOT like standing in the rain. So, thinking that even the trees might not give him enough protection, the decision was made to add more shelter.

After consulting with the local feed store, we came up with a plan to put a pipe structure with plywood sides and a tin roof in the pasture, behind the current shelter. Decisions were made as to the size of the pipes, the thickness of the plywood, and the type of gate.

Decisions are the easy part – implentation a little more difficult. 3/4 inch plywood was recommended as it is, hopefully, strong enough to withstand sheep (or llamas) from knocking their way through it if they are enclosed at some point. The local lumber company was dubious about getting 9 sheets of 3/4 plywood into my van but, it turns out it fit – almost. The back end lift back wouldn’t latch so I had a slightly harrowing ride from the lumber company to the pasture, worrying that the door would bounce open and plywood would slide out. I drove rather slowly and only got one small “bounce” going over the railroad tracks. As we thought, nine sheets are heavy enough to stay put!

I left the plywood on site and they built the shelter as far as the pipes and roof but needed to let the cement holding the corner pipes in the ground set up before attaching plywood sides.

Isn't this a pretty setting?

When the rains stopped and the cement dried, they were able to put the sides on. The sheep and llama had no problem going into the shelter – especially, of course, if food was involved. As you can see, they all fit quite nicely!

Marley and Sid get along really well (I think they spend much of their “together” time sharing a meal). However, today, they were “sharing” a wall of the shelter – from different sides!

Sharing a moment of rest

A few more details and the shelter will be finished. The gate arrives next week and they are doing some trenching to prevent flooding once the rainy season starts in earnest.

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  1. How cute! You should definitely get a donkey 🙂

  2. Looks great!

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