Working with Paridot and Knitting with Sheep

I decided to do some halter work today with Paridot. He is halter-trained but since he doesn’t know me well yet it is important to work on this. I got the halter on with no problems (amazing what a little grain will do!). He was somewhat reluctant to let me lead him further out into the pasture but he soon caught on and fell into step beside me. He’s fun to walk with as we are about the same height!

I then tethered him to a tree. The sheep have no problems being around him – he is very calming. Sid seems to think it’s funny that Paridot is tethered and he isn’t!

Sid visiting with Paridot

It was quite nice in the shade so I did a little knitting while I was there. Marley, my Wensleydale, was insistent on putting his head in my lap, which made knitting a little difficult. He sometimes wanders off when I’m there but today it was all about getting petted – I really think he doesn’t know he’s a sheep.

I finally gave up and put the knitting down. My observations of sheep have been that if you put something new in their area they are compelled to check it out!

Hey, this isn't Wensleydale!

Yup, that's Jacob and Navaho-Churro!

Who said sheep aren’t smart?!

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  1. Hi Mom! I love your new blog! The pictures are great, and I really like the layout, colors, etc.!

  2. Wow! Cool Jackie! Love the new blog and being able to read about your adventures!

  3. Good job, Jackie! I’ll add your blog to my blog-roll. Oh boy, another fun blog to read!

  4. Wow…I might learn something! The pictures will help me keep all these guys straight!!! Stay cool!

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